Mindfulness-based Women’s Group

The Davis Women’s Wellness Group is a safe therapeutic environment where each woman will learn mindfulness-based coping, self-compassion and interpersonal skills toward increased self-empowerment. This group is for women 45-80 who want to learn mindfulness based skills for meditation and in daily life. 


·       Learn to better manage your challenging emotions

·       Increase your self-compassion

·       Improve your assertiveness: expressing needs and getting them met

·       Improve your ability to stay present in the moment

·       Enhance your stress resilience

·       Improve communication with others  


The Group runs in 8 week segments with different topics. We meet on Tuesdays from 12 noon to 1:30. There is time for learning new skills as well as for weekly check in for social support and growth. Please contact Dr Miles for more information and to find out when the next women’s group starts. I can be reached at 530-756-0555 ext 121 or email me at rcmilesphd@gmail.com