Because your voice matters, I recently surveyed some of my valued clients, to listen and understand what their experience has been working with me. Each client felt safe enough to offer their permission to share some of their thoughts anonymously.

Here are four CORE VALUES that are the foundation and essence of my clinical work that my clients have experienced in their work with me. Accompanying these values is how they are demonstrated in my work and what clients say to attest to their experience working with me.

HOPE – means to cherish a desire with anticipation. The first task of good therapy is to create hope.

COMPASSION – means a sympathetic consciousness of another’s distress together with a desire to alleviate it.

COMPETENCE – means the ability to do something well. My clients can speak to that more than anything I can say. All of my clinical work is driven by research findings. I continually update my knowledge via classes, reading the literature and anonymous consultation with colleagues.

CREATIVITY – means the ability to see things from a new perspective. I customize my approach to create an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs. My work in client-centered and that means your individualized learning needs and styles are given consideration. For example, some people learn better visually, other with the spoken word and others needs to have an experience in the room. I avoid a one size-fits-all approach.

Brought me back to focus in how I could get past it
— Ms. A.
She has given me tools to “snap on” to make to remember (what to do)
— Ms. D.
She restored hope in our marriage with EFT Couple therapy
— Ms. L.
She is receptive to my emotions to help me heal
— Ms. S.
She didn’t judge me when I made mistakes
— Ms A.
Facilitated a successful connection
— Ms. M.
She instills hope
— Ms.S.
Now I can contemplate a life not drowning, she is a blessing
— Ms. P.
She understands me
— Ms. S.
A very good observer, listens well, not condescending, compassionate and very understanding
— Ms. R.
Comfortable and easy to work with her
— Ms. P.
Very present, really good insight
— Ms. R.
She knew what to do when other therapists did not know what to do! She has taken me though decades of issues: I have done more healing in two years of working with her than in all my years I have been in therapy
— Mr. R.
I have seen counselors periodically, but never accomplished (this much) until now
— Ms. M.
She knows her techniques and skill set very well; she can jump in and get up to speed quickly; she identified traits and characteristics to support and encourage. Can deal with every issue; not simplistic
— Ms. BS.